Saturday, December 10, 2005


Books on Neuroscience (US)


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Sample post: From University of Florida News: Gainesville, Florida - Genetic analysis of an obscure, worm-like creature retrieved from the depths of the North Atlantic has led to the discovery of a new phylum, a rare event in an era when most organisms have already been grouped into major evolutionary categories.

The analysis also appears to shed light on the ancestor of chordates, the backboned animals that include human beings and two small invertebrate groups closely related to one another: lancelets and tunicates.

"It's a tremendous surprise that this mysterious creature from the ocean will help us understand our distant past," said Leonid Moroz, a professor of neuroscience and zoology at UF's Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience* near St. Augustine and one of the researchers who participated in the discovery.

*Center for Marine Studies a reality

The 17,000 square foot, two-story building will house the rapidly growing educational/outreach programs and enable the Lab to offer courses and workshops for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

The CMS will feature teaching labs, touch tanks and docent offices to house the elementary school program, Day at the Whitney Lab, while classrooms will allow instruction space for high school programs and specialized courses for students of all ages. Additional features include a 300-seat, tiered auditorium for public lectures, scientific meetings and concerts, a foyer with changeable exhibits plus locker rooms for participants in field trips.

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