Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Jumbo fossil is 'really big deal'

Fossil News: Luca and Daniel Haas got an opportunity to do something Monday that few kids their ages will ever get to do. They held the giant tooth of an extinct mammal in their hands.

They were standing at the site of the owner's final resting place. It was uncovered Friday, some 11,000 years after the mastodon died in a swampy area that borders what is now Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills.

'I couldn't believe it,' said 12-year-old Daniel, who has an interest in geology. 'Right here in Auburn Hills ... it's amazing.'

His sister, Luca, 10, was equally impressed.

'It's awesome,' echoed Luca, who had rushed over with her mother and siblings after a friend told them a mastodon had been uncovered. 'I didn't know they were in Michigan.'

Scientists from the Cranbrook Institute of Science sifted through the site Monday morning in search of more remains to add to the ones recovered by road construction crews on Friday.

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