Saturday, August 05, 2006


Club Logs a Century of Change in Local Species

No secret handshake, no decoder rings or midnight rituals. Just a $200 cabin on a 12-acre island, plenty of brainpower, and a commitment to the flora and fauna of home.

The Washington Biologists' Field Club is celebrating 100 years of self-professed geekdom (six years late) this year, with a 150-page volume summarizing a century of counting every living thing on Plummers Island, the club's buggy, overgrown paradise a few steps into the Potomac, just downriver from the American Legion Bridge.

Established in 1901 as a weekend retreat, Plummers Island, called by the field club "the most thoroughly studied island in North America," today represents one of the most comprehensive, longest-running biological inventories in the country. [Washington Post]

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