Saturday, August 12, 2006


Jurassic Park (Washington Post)

The Washington Post: 'Jurassic Park - The richest undisturbed cache of dinosaur fossils in North America may change the way we see the distant past. It's already transformed rancher Allen Cook's present'.

IT WAS THE PROSPECTOR WHO FOUND IT FIRST. Maybe 30 years ago, back when uranium was worth a lot, when people thought nuclear power was your friend. He was working a ridge up at Spring Creek, Wyo., looking for ore with a scintillometer, a modern-day Geiger counter. He was getting a lot of hits.

But there was something else. Big, off-color rocks in strange shapes were lying loose on the ground where the wind had blown the dirt off them. The prospector was a geologist. He knew what those were. Dinosaur bones. From big dinosaurs - like the ones that fill up museum exhibits... [Five page article]

And, if you live in the Washington D.C. area, tomorrow's Washington Post contains "Hunt for Dinosaurs":

Find any dinosaur fossils lately? Maybe you're not looking hard enough. After all, they're all around us. Prehistoric teeth, tracks, and to a lesser extent, bones are surprisingly common in parts of the District, Virginia and Maryland. The corridor between Washington and Baltimore, known among paleontologists as "Dinosaur Alley," produced the second dino fossil ever discovered on the East Coast.

If you can't hunt for these relics yourself, you can visit dinosaur exhibits in the area or tap the expertise of local paleontologists to learn about the legendary creatures that literally romped through our back yards and today enthrall parents and kids alike.

Another recent Washington Post article which may be of interest is: "And the Evolutionary Beat Goes On . . ."

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