Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Kodak technology pictures dinosaur: The Leonardo Project

Leonardo Dinosaur Montana Kodak Brachylophosaurus canadensis (Evolution Research: John Latter / Jorolat)Rochester, New York - In the language of science, he's a Brachylophosaurus canadensis ("short crested lizard,"). To the engineers at Eastman Kodak Co., he is something else entirely: A unique opportunity to test new digital imaging technology with the potential to solve some the biggest mysteries of the physical world.

Kodak is a central part of the team examining and evaluating a perfectly preserved, complete dinosaur fossil recovered from the badlands of northern Montana more than six years ago.

Code-named Leonardo, the fossil is entombed in a 3-ton block of sandstone and is believed to be more than 77 million years old. The dinosaur's skeleton is covered in soft tissue, such as skin and scales, making it one of the most significant paleontological finds ever. [News]
See "The Leonardo Project" at the Kodak website (6 pages - links are in the left-hand sidebar) and "The Official website of the Leonardo Project" (from discovery to science to exhibit.)

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