Friday, September 29, 2006


Evolving thought - Pope's writings revealing about his evolution views

Vatican City, Rome (National Catholic Reporter) - Presumably, Pope Benedict XVI asked his Schulerkreis, the circle of his former doctoral students, to discuss "Creation and Evolution" during the group's annual meeting this month at Castel Gandolfo, Italy, because he wants to consult theologians, philosophers and natural scientists before addressing the subject - if, indeed, he feels the need to say anything, a point which remains to be seen.

The fact the pope wants to hear from others, however, by no means implies that he lacks ideas of his own. Over the years, Joseph Ratzinger has wrestled with the theory of evolution in books, articles, lectures and interviews, including a 1990 book-length commentary on the Genesis creation stories.

Whether that past will be prologue to anything Benedict does as pope is still unclear, but these sources, examined at length by National Catholic Reporter in recent weeks, at least provide a picture of his approach.

What do they reveal?

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