Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The challenge to Darwin's theory of evolution (3 Part Article)

Tokyo, Japan:

Intelligent Design - New scientific paradigm?

Intelligent Design (ID) theory claims that the complexity of life cannot be explained by Darwin's evolutionary theory, nor can the origin of life or the birth of the universe be elaborated by naturalism (a materialistic theory in science), that tries to explain them by a purely materialistic process. It proposes that they can be far better explained by assuming the involvement of an intelligent designer.

With heightened debate over the theory in 2005, numerous articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines. But many of these articles tend to be biased and, like the U.S. liberal media, label ID theory as 'creationism' or 'religious theory.'

These include, for example, a column entitled "Dangerous fundamentalism that threatens logic," which appeared in the September 2005 issue of the Japanese scientific journal Nikkei Science. An article entitled "Genes know everything," by Darwinist and Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins, appeared in Newsweek's January 4, 2006 issue, and an article entitled "Endless battle of evolution theory vs. creationism" appeared in the April 2006 issue of the Japanese monthly Chuo Koron. All these attempted to exclude ID from science based on a dogmatic belief in Darwinism. This series will elucidate how shortsighted these views are. [Evolution, Book]

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Part 2: "The ID movement's rapid growth"
Part 3: "Darwin's natural selection theory"

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