Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Everyone's Talkin' about Dawkins' Crusade Against Religion

The NCSE's Nicholas Matzke wrote last summer, 'We don't need the anti-creationists going and mixing their views on religion into their science. In fact, this is probably the surest path to disaster politically and in the courts. Anyone who wants to do this has the right to do it, but it ain't helpful or particularly smart.' Richard Dawkins apparently didn't get Nick's memo. In a recent BBC News interview, Dawkins said that 'America is ready for an attack on religion. ... Britain always has been.' He explained that he wrote his book The God Delusion (Amazon UK | US) to convince "vaguely religious people" that "[t]he religion of their upbringing is probably nonsense" and explained to viewers that "the living world … comes about by Darwinian evolution, by natural selection."

On Monday, Dawkins wrote in The Huffington Post that 'the presence of a creative deity in the universe is clearly a scientific hypothesis' but alleges that 'no evidence for God's existence has yet appeared.' Keep in mind that Dawkins is Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University and that Campbell, Reece, and Mitchell's widely used textbook, Biology, praised Dawkins for his ability to 'engag[e] and challeng[e] nonscientists' (5th ed., pg. 412). Meanwhile, many others are talkin' about Dawkins...

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