Monday, October 09, 2006


Ohio Darwinists Attempt To Shut Down Debates About Controversies in Science: 'ID The Future' Webcast

The latest 'Intelligent Design The Future' Webcast:

This week on ID The Future podcast, CSC associate director John West reports on the efforts of the Ohio State Board of Education to adopt a proposed "Framework for Teaching Controversial Issues."

Darwinists are complaining - predictably - that the framework represents another nefarious plot "to orchestrate a religiously motivated attack on the theory of evolution."

According to West, Darwinists' shrill rhetoric has a lot more to do with their own hypocrisy and paranoia than it does with any legitimate fears.

What is Discovery Institute's position on teaching evolution? Read our educaiton policy statement here.

Visit the Center for Science and Culture for more information on the debate over evolution. [Darwin, Religion, Creationism, Darwinism]

Listen to "In Ohio Darwinists Attempt To Shut Down Any Debates About Controversies in Science" here (and view the archives).

Alternatively, down load the podcast as a mp3 file and/or visit the webpage.

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