Tuesday, October 31, 2006


When God and science overlap

From The Australian: Surely a chair in science and religion is a contradiction in terms?

Peter Harrison (homepage) - about to take up precisely that chair at Oxford University after many years at Bond University (Queensland, Australia) - laughs good-naturedly at the devil's advocate question. Where some see only conflict between reason and revelation, he sees also a history of co-operation embodied by pious thinkers such as Isaac Newton.

'It's important to understand that (science and religion) are separate operations but I don't think this means that they are, as (evolutionary biologist) Stephen Jay Gould would have it, quite discrete universes or 'non-overlapping magisteria',' Harrison says.

'If you say God created the world, for example, it does seem to me that that's a factual statement of some kind that may have scientific implications, and if it doesn't, you have to wonder what kind of claim it is.'

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