Friday, November 10, 2006


Wayward religious reconcilers: Darwin and Intelligent Design

From The Jerusalem Post: In the Jewish community, a curious feature of the controversy about Darwin and Intelligent Design is the funny way it has of making strange bedfellows. You might expect to find all religious conservatives lining up against Darwinism. Not so.

Darwinian theory asserts that an unguided and purely material process alone (natural selection) was sufficient to produce the whole history of life on earth.

Biblical religion, if it means anything at all, has to stand for the belief that life's history was guided in some way by a transcendent intelligence. You can't have an unguided guided process.

Yet more than a few people on the traditional side of the religious divide are vocal critics of intelligent design (ID), the scientific framework in which doubts about Darwinism are currently being expressed and worked out.

Much of the intellectual energy behind ID has been supplied by the Discovery Institute, where I work, here in Seattle.

So I was intrigued by the current issue of the Orthodox Union's magazine, Jewish Action, which includes a package of three articles on intelligent design.

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The three articles from Jewish Action are:

"Intelligent Design: Why Has it Become a Battleground Between Science and Religion?" by Nathan Aviezer

"Finding the Intelligence Within the Design" by Gerald Schroeder

"The Faith of Darwinism and the Science of Intelligent Design" by Arnold Slyper

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