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Creation Science: 'A Question of Origins' (Online Video)

Creation Science*: From the Christiananswers.net website:

Watch the entire film (above) or view in segments with Q&A notes (below)

Introduction: Overview of the Theory of Evolution 4:38 mins.
Agreements: Between Evolutionists and Creationists 3:53 mins.
Cosmic Evolution: The Big Bang and the Second Law of Thermodynamics 6:57 mins.
The Origin of the Solar System 3:15 mins.
The Anthropic Principle: Is the Earth Fine-Tuned for Life? 5:08 mins.
Chemical Evolution: Spontaneous generation; Stanley Miller Experiment 6:57 mins.
Evolution: Protein Molecules and "Simple" Cells 6:33 mins.
Evolution of the Bacterial Flagellum 2:40 mins.
Biological Evolution: Darwin's Finches 2:46 mins.
The Fossil Record: Intermediate Links 2:54 mins.
Archaeopteryx: A Feathered Reptile? 1:06 mins.
The Ape-Man: Missing Link 2:26 mins.
DNA: Human & Chimpanzee DNA 1:23 mins.
More Problems 1:12 mins.
Scientific Foreknowledge in the Bible 5:13 mins.
Conclusion 3:52 mins.

Continued at "'A Question of Origins' video presentation"

Alternate video link from the Northwest Creation Network (Washington State):

"During the past century, much of the world has accepted the theory of Evolution as fact. Yet the molecules-to-man theory has no direct evidence to support it at all. Origins provides overwhelming evidence in favor of Creation.

The theory of Evolution has been applied to most scientific fields and this video thoroughly exposes the blind speculation and evolutionary bias in three of these areas of science including: Cosmology, Chemistry, and Biology.

This visually rich, full production reveals conclusive evidence that the universe and all life were created by a Supernatural Being, and that the God of the Bible is that Creator.

Features widely-traveled Creationist speaker, Roger Oakland, who makes the issues easy-to-understand for laypeople. Various scientific experts share evidence and proofs."

*Info on Creation Science:

Creation science refers to the attempts by creationists (especially those who believe in a "young" Earth) to use the methods and empirical practices of science to support their side of the creation-evolution controversy. Creation science supporters work to demonstrate that the extant scientific evidence best supports a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation. Believers in creation science primarily include members of evangelical Christian denominations that subscribe to the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, however there are examples of Islamic supporters of creation science as well.

Advocates of creation science dispute the uniformitarian model of geology in favor of flood geology, arguing for the historical accuracy of the Noachic flood. They disagree with the theory of the common descent of all life via biological evolution, claiming that evolution is pseudoscientific and argue in favor of creation biology. They reject scientific theories on the age of the universe, arguing for creationist cosmologies based on an age of less than ten thousand years. Some advocates have spent many years arguing for the inclusion of creation science in the science curriculum of U.S. public schools.

When members of the mainstream scientific community have commented, they overwhelmingly dismiss creation science as a pseudoscience because it does not properly conform to the scientific method, as well as admissions by its proponents that the means of creation cannot be proven. Creation science literature generally consists of compilations of alleged weaknesses in current models of evolution and geology.

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