Tuesday, August 15, 2006


How did we get here?

The Guardian (UK): Evolution is on the way out - more than 30% of students in the UK say they believe in creationism and intelligent design. Harriet Swain reports on a surprising new survey:

Chris Parker, a final-year English student at Hertford College, Oxford, believes God made the world..

..Kim Nicholas, who is studying to be a primary school teacher at the University of Hertfordshire, agrees..

..Annie Nawaz, a second-year law student at Hertfordshire, distinguishes between scientific and "natural" evidence written in stone in the holy books. "As a practising Muslim, the holy Qur'an - that's our proper evidence," she says..

..Such views are less unusual among UK students than you might think. In a survey last month, more than 12% questioned preferred creationism - the idea God created us within the past 10,000 years - to any other explanation of how we got here. Another 19% favoured the theory of intelligent design - that some features of living things are due to a supernatural being such as God. This means more than 30% believe our origins have more to do with God than with Darwin - evolution theory rang true for only 56%..

See the entry from 4 days ago: "Study: Evolution losing favor in US"

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