Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hunt for Dinosaurs (Washington Post leisure article)

A 'get out and about' article from the Washington Post for those living locally:

Find any dinosaur fossils lately? Maybe you're not looking hard enough. After all, they're all around us. Prehistoric teeth, tracks, and to a lesser extent, bones are surprisingly common in parts of the District, Virginia and Maryland. The corridor between Washington and Baltimore, known among paleontologists as 'Dinosaur Alley,' produced the second dino fossil ever discovered on the East Coast.

If you can't hunt for these relics yourself, you can visit dinosaur exhibits in the area or tap the expertise of local paleontologists to learn about the legendary creatures that literally romped through our back yards and today enthrall parents and kids alike... (links to, and descriptions of, local attractions follow).

Another (and more general) article in the same edition (titled "Jurassic Park") was reported in this column yesterday.

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