Friday, September 22, 2006


Paleontologists Unable to Move Ceratopsian Dinosaur Skull in Utah (Video)

A short video (requiring IE 5.5 and above only) from KSL Television and Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Paleontologists in Southern Utah are having a hard time getting their hands on their fossil find.

They uncovered the skull of a Ceratopsian dinosaur in Grand Staircase National Monument The skull is about 70- million years old. It's a relative, of the Triceratops.

But, when they tried to lift the fossil out with a helicopter ...

Sue Beardmore, Paleontologist: 'This is paleontology. A lot of waiting. A lot of things can go wrong, and it just too heavy.'

Too heavy! No word yet on what the next move will be. So for now, the skull stays." [Palaeontology]
UPDATE: News reports are beginning to appear such as the Salt Lake Tribune's "Monumental discoveries: Scientists unearth two 'new' dinosaurs in southern Utah" and MSNBC's "Scientists report dinosaur find in Utah"

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