Sunday, October 01, 2006


Education Commisioner Wilhoit targets Intelligent Design (Kentucky)

From the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky: Frankfort - Outgoing Kentucky Education Commissioner Gene Wilhoit (info) says it would be a mistake for the state Board of Education to hire a replacement who believes 'intelligent design' should be taught in public schools.

That's because intelligent design promotes a specific religious viewpoint that can't be tested by science, he said - the idea that some complex biological structures and other aspects of nature show evidence of a creator.

'Intelligent design at this point has not been shown to be a scientific theory that can stand the test,' Wilhoit said in an interview Friday. 'I think it would be a divisive factor to place on the agenda right now.'

Board of Education Chairman Keith Travis said the next commissioner's position on teaching intelligent design won't be a criterion in the search process. [US, Creationism, Evolution]

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