Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Rise of Creationism in the UK: Commentary from 'The Observer'

A Comment from The Observer: "I can barely 'Adam and Eve it', but creationism's catching on over here" (1)

Not the smallest of the crimes of the Bush administration is to allow an affectation of cultural superiority to sweep Europe. By now, you must know the list of our alleged virtues by heart and the odds are you accept our moral pre-eminence as incontestable.

The Christian right wants an end to abortion, a rolling back of homosexual rights and the teaching of creationism to gullible children in state schools. These primitive beliefs put Republicans outside the bounds of civilised discourse to everyone who matters except Tony Blair and he'll be gone soon.

...It isn't that Britain has anything comparable with the US creationist lobby. The Roman Catholic and Anglican churches accept evolution, although there are signs from polls that the people likely to found Muslim schools do not...

...Truth in Science has established a website... [and] As in the United States, old-time creationism is dressed up in the pseudo-scientific garb of intelligent design. Instead of appealing to the literal truth of Genesis, smart creationists point to the complexity of molecular structures as evidence that only an omnipotent creator could have conjured life into being.

(1) 'Adam and Eve it' = 'Believe it' (Cockney rhyming slang) [Gay, Church, God]

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