Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Science vs Religion: Richard Dawkins (New Scientist Podcast + Videos)

From the New Scientist, 10th November 2006: "Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion: Amazon UK | US) is among the participants at a special meeting to discuss whether science and religion can coexist. We bring you exclusive coverage, plus an investigative report on the rise of religious home schooling in the US."

Click on the title link to listen to the podcast. [Webcast/Audio]

Recent media posts featuring Richard Dawkins include both episodes of Channel 4's two-part UK television series "The Root of All Evil?".

"How is it, asks Richard Dawkins, that despite science having exposed old religious myths, militant faith is back on the march? The mechanism for perpetuating beliefs that Dawkins describes as leading to murderous intolerance, is by imposing religion on children who are too inexperienced to judge it for themselves.

We wouldn't categorise children according to their parents' political stance, says Dawkins, since they are too young to make up their minds about such matters. But we segregate them in sectarian religious schools, where they are taught superstitions drawn from ancient scriptures of dubious origin, which promote a 'contradictory and poisonous system of morals'." [Video]

Episode 1: The God Delusion

Episode 2: The Virus of Faith

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There are numerous book reviews of The God Delusion - use the "Search this Blog" function (top left) either on this blog or, better still, the blog containing the Root of All Evil? videos.

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