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Ken Ham's 'The Lie: Evolution' - Online Book (+ Video)

The Education Resources page of Answers in Genesis currently lists (and links to) Ken Ham's "The Lie: Evolution" as a 'Featured Online Book'. No doubt it will eventually also be linked to from their Online resources page

Table of Contents


By Luther D. Sunderland, author of Darwin's Enigma - Ebbing the Tide of Naturalism [1]:

..Mr. Ham shows that Genesis, in particular, is a dependable account of actual events that are supported by solid scientific evidence. Furthermore, he shows how the questioning of this foundational book of the Bible, even by many Christians, has led to the degeneration of society so that the only moral codes it accepts are based upon "survival of the fittest," "do your own thing," and "if it feels good, do it." There are no moral absolutes.


..My parents knew that evolution was wrong because it was obvious from Genesis that God had given us the details of the creation of the world. These details were important foundational truths for the rest of Christianity. At that time, the current wealth of materials on the creation/evolution issue produced, for instance, by the Institute for Creation Research, were not available. I recall going to my local minister and asking him what to do about the problem. He told me to accept evolution but then add it to the Bible so that God used evolution to bring all forms of life into being. This was an unsatisfactory solution to the problem. If God did not mean what He said in Genesis, then how could one trust Him in the rest of the Scriptures?

Chapter 1: Christianity Is Under Attack

Chapter 2: Evolution Is Religion

..The term "evolutionist" is used extensively throughout the following chapters. In other parts of this book, we will discuss the ideas of Christians who try to marry the concepts of evolution and the Bible. However, because the majority of evolutionists are not Christians, I wish the reader to understand that the term "evolutionist" is used to mean those who believe that evolution - in the sense of time, chance, and struggle for survival - rather than the God of the Bible, is responsible for life.

Chapter 3: Creation Is Religion

..However, we no longer live in the world God originally created. Because our first parents placed human opinion above God's Word (as we continue to do), struggle and death entered the world, and God cursed the creation. Charles Darwin called this struggle to the death "natural selection" and offered his theory as a substitute for the Creator. Evolutionists later added accidental changes in heredity (mutations) to their theory. But death and accident do not create: instead they bring disease, defects, and decay into the world God created.

Chapter 4: The Root of the Problem

..Why do evolutionists not want to admit that evolution is really a religion?

It is related to the fact that whatever you believe about your origins does affect your whole world view, the meaning of life, etc. If there is no God and we are the result of chance random processes, it means there is no absolute authority. And if there is no one who sets the rules, then everyone can do whatever he likes or hopes he can get away with. Evolution is a religion which enables people to justify writing their own rules.

Chapter 5: Crumbling Foundations

..Students in most of our schools are given a totally anti-biblical foundation: the foundation of evolution. This foundation, of course, will not allow the Christian structure to stand. A structure of a different type - humanism - is the one built on this foreign foundation.

Chapter 6: Genesis Does Matter

..Atheistic evolutionary philosophy says: "There is no God. All is the result of chance and randomness. Death and struggle are the order of the day, not only now, but indefinitely into the past and future." If this is true, there is no basis for right and wrong. The more people believe in evolution, the more they are going to say, "There is no God. Why should I obey authority? Why should there be rules against aberrant sexual behavior? Why should there be rules concerning abortion? After all, evolution tells us we are all animals. So, killing babies by abortion is no worse than chopping the head off a fish or a chicken." It does matter whether you believe in evolution or creation! It affects every area of your life.

Chapter 7: Death: A Curse and a Blessing

..Each Lord's Day we rejoice in Christ's resurrection, and thus the conquering of sin and death.

But evolution destroys the very basis of this message of love. The evolutionary process is supposed to be one of death and struggle, cruelty, brutality, and ruthlessness. It is a ghastly fight for survival, elimination of the weak and deformed. This is what underlies evolution - death, bloodshed, and struggle bringing man into existence.

Chapter 8: The Evils of Evolution

..Particularly in the Western nations, where Christian ethics were once very prevalent, Darwinian evolution provided a justification for people not to believe in God and, therefore, to do those things which Christians would deem as wrong. As one non-Christian scientist said in a TV interview, "Darwinian evolution helped make atheism respectable."

Chapter 9: Evangelism in a Pagan World

..There is a war going on in society - a very real battle. The war is Christianity versus humanism, but we must wake up to the fact that, at the foundational level, it's really creation versus evolution.

Having agreed on all this, however, we must remember that our enemies are not the humanists and evolutionists themselves, but the powers of darkness that have deceived them.

Chapter 10: Wake Up, Shepherds!

..At one seminar, a lady told me that evolutionism had destroyed her faith in the Scriptures. She had such an emptiness in her life that she cried to the Lord and prayed for a solution to this problem. She was finding it impossible to trust the Scriptures. She was led to a library and happened to find a book on the Gap Theory. (The Gap Theory basically allows for billions of years between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.) She was thrilled at this explanation and set about rebuilding her Christian life. At the end of the seminar, she came to me and exclaimed what a thrill it was to know she did not have to believe the Gap Theory.

Chapter 11: Creation, Flood, and Coming Fire

..There is a prophecy in 2 Peter 3 concerning the last days of this earth's history, and it very much relates to the whole creation/evolution issue:

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men (2 Pet. 3:3–7).

Appendix 1: Twenty Reasons Why Genesis and Evolution Don't Mix

..For those who try to harmonize evolution with Genesis, the order of evolution must compare with the order of events in Genesis. There are a number of problems here. The basic tenets of evolution totally conflict with the order in Genesis. For instance, Genesis teaches that God created fruit trees before fish - plants on day three, fish on day five. Evolution teaches that fish came before fruit trees. Evolution teaches that first life began in the sea, and after millions of years life was established on the land. The Bible teaches that the earth was first created covered with water: evolutionary teaching is that the earth first began as a hot molten blob. There is no way that the order of events according to evolution and Genesis can be reconciled.

Appendix 2: Why Did God Take Six Days?

..Probably one of the major reasons people tend not to take the days of Genesis as ordinary days is because they believe that scientists have proved the earth to be billions of years old. But this is not true. There is no absolute age-dating method to determine how old the earth is. Besides this, there is much evidence consistent with a belief in a young age for the earth, perhaps only thousands of years.


The Ken Ham video "Do Animals Evolve?":

Other Ken Ham videos


Darwin's Enigma - Ebbing the Tide of Naturalism is also available as an online book:

Table of Contents


"Scientific research demands that the results of its investigatory process be verifiable through repeated testing. Dramatic advances in such sciences as medicine, space, and computers are verifiably evident in our increased life span, in our pinpoint landing on the moon, and in the unerring accuracy of the electronic computer.

Researchers in the field of evolution, however, have produced no verifiable facts that would validate their theory conclusively."

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Thank the Lord for people like Ken Ham. His data proves that the Bible is accurate and true.
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