Monday, September 25, 2006


Emory University Experts Reject Validity of Intelligent Design Theory (Atlanta, Georgia)

Atlanta, Georgia: A panel of Emory University scholars agreed on Thursday that the theory of intelligent design is not a science but disagreed on how creationism should be handled in science classes.

The discussion, titled 'The Evolution of Creationism,' brought together experts from the fields of biology, law, history, theology and political science to discuss the creationism-evolutionism debate.

Proponents of the intelligent design theory, which holds that an intelligent being rather than a random force such as natural selection causes life's development, say the theory is scientifically valid.

Emory Professor of Pharmacology T.J. Murphy, who organized the event, said in an interview that creationism is a 'movement of anti-intellectualism that can't continue to be ignored' because creationists hold 'weak ideas that have the danger of gaining support.'

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